About The "Brothers"

Johnny Deim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Humboldt Brothers. He was raised in the organic and holistic environment of the southern Humboldt County redwoods. Growing up in the heart and soul of American cannabis culture, Johnny’s  entrepreneurial spirit was ignited at a young age. Spending 15 years working in IT and event production he moved to San Francisco to pursue a start-up career in computer technology. Johnny found himself in the early circles of the Web 2.0 movement when he foresaw a future in cannabis 2.0. As the political roadmap of cannabis began to reveal itself, Johnny brought his attention back to his roots in the community he has always loved and honored. While absorbing the best practices for cultivation and distribution, he formed Humboldt Brothers with his partner, Brett Todoroff. While active in the food, wine and artisan scene of Northern California, Johnny remains passionate about bringing cannabis into the spotlight and believes there will be a renaissance of the sun-grown cannabis movement.

Brett Todoroff is a Co-Founder and Chief Farming Officer of Humboldt Brothers. Brett’s roots are found in the East Bay of San Francisco and is a 2004 graduate of UC Santa Cruz graduate with a degree in Finance. As a passionate artisan and pioneer of the Bay Area organic movement, Brett was on the founding team of the California Farmer's Market Association and managed many of the Markets in the Bay Area. He has been in the cannabis industry since California passed prop 64 in 2016 and was cultivating for a decade previously. Throughout college, Brett continued to build his knowledge base, perfecting his cultivation craft. He was nominated as a judge in the 2007 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. He is a dedicated student of the plant and excited to continue to push forward the industry while sharing his knowledge of agriculture. When Brett isn't on the farms, he is Muay Tai boxing at his gym in Oakland!

About Humboldt Brothers:

Humboldt Brothers is pioneering the highest quality, biodynamic, sun grown cannabis available in California. By innovating the most sustainable farming practices (new cultivation methods, leveraging moon cycles and using alternative energy) the brand combines sophisticated products with proprietary farming techniques, distribution, and wholesale capabilities. Trademarking "Farm To Flower" stands for their commitment in pioneering a movement of transparent and sustainable sourcing in the cannabis space.