SS 18 Launch Collections

Pioneering new proprietary blends exclusive to Humboldt Brothers. Launch products include:

Premium Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Vape Pens, 3-Pack Pre-Roll Kits and 100% Full Flower Jars.


Lemon Cookies

  • Origin: Lemon Diesel & Girl Scout Cookie
  • Category: Sativa dominant hybrid
  • Feeling: Energized and uplifting
  • Notes: Citrus, sunny and bright


North Coast Cookies

  • Origin: A proprietary twist of Girl Scout Cookies
  • Category: Indica dominant hybrid
  • Feeling: Refreshing and relaxed stress release
  • Notes: Peppery with a hint of fruit


Cherry Cookies

  • Origin: Cherry Cola & Girl Scout Cookie & Chem Dawg
  • Category: True balanced hybrid
  • Feeling: Creative cerebral high
  • Notes: Cherry tart and fruity